About US!

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Black Sea Diving Center ltd

Was registered in Bulgaria in 2001. The company was founded by two professional divers, each of whom has more than twenty years of experience in underwater activities.

Black Sea Diving Center ltd is a company specialized in the repairs of HTF, Dams, Marine Infrastructure, Craft and others, proven in time its competent and professional solutions in unconventional situations and ensures high quality of the underwater activities and the presented Results.

'BSDC' ltd is a leading company in the field of underwater inspections and inspections with ROV of various equipment.

With our experience in the municipal, marine and energy sectors, we offer accurate solutions to deliver effective and cost-effective solutions to address a problem.

The company employs specialists who have made a significant contribution and have been direct participants in defecting and engineering of a number of sites of national importance.

Safety, Health, Environment, Quality!

These are fundamental goals for Black Sea Diving Center . We encourage and train our staff with the specifics of every place we work in, providing support and help needed for safe work.
Safety is the number one priority for Black Sea Diving Center . Diving operations are conducted in accordance with relevant state and local health and safety regulations.

Our initiatives are a major driver for ensuring and enhancing the highest safety standards:


  • by applying visible leadership;
  • with minimal interference but a strict control over production;
  • Workforce aggression and effective intervention;
  • without compromising quality;



Black Sea Diving Center is a fully insured company under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.



Customers and Partners

Black Sea Diving Center ltd works both with customers inside and outside the country. Our numerous clients and partners include companies that have established themselves in the Bulgarian and international markets. Part of our trading partners are - Seabotix Inc. - USA, Rovtech System - USA, Amron International - USA, Kirby Morgan Dive System Inc. - USA, Broco Inc. - USA, Aqua Lung Inc. - USA, Ceresit-Bautechnic - Germany, Hunter Diving - Scotland, MC-Bauchemie - Germany and many others - with undeniable reputation and best quality worldwide. Some of our clients with whom we have contracts for underwater technical works are:

NPP Kozloduy EAD
Enterprise "Dams and Cascades" to NEK EAD
Enterprise "Water-Helical Centers" to NEK EAD
"TPP Varna" EAD
"TEREM-Dockyard Fleet Arsenal" Ltd.
Civil Protection EAD - Sofia
"Golden Sands" AD
"Energoremont - Plovdiv" AD
"Europoran Shipping Company Limited"
ELEM Electricians of Macedonia

and many. Others ...