Repair, Reconstruction and Maintenance of Dams!

Black Sea Diving Center Ltd. , we specialize in the repairs, reconstruction and maintenance of dams of all sizes. We work on any part of the dam, both above and under water. Our team has the experience and equipment necessary to work in different conditions, including in enclosed spaces, elevated work stations, underwater construction, etc. When most businesses place dams in the background, they are a major focus for us, with specialized teams, specialized equipment, and a robust safety program.

Underwater laying of concrete

'BSDC' Ltd. can build new or replace existing concrete structures, offering a wide variety of repairs. From large areas to small repairs, our teams can place concrete over and under water.

Saws, drives, valves, cranes, safety grilles and others.

From large roller savages to small savages, 'BSDC.' Ltd. can replace or rehabilitate mechanical water control components of all sizes and designs using innovative and cost-effective approaches. This includes complete replacement, repair, and even complete restoration

Major outlets of dams

We are a specialized company in several key areas of dams requiring precision, production and installation. This includes structural steel components such as pressure pipes, safety grilles and bulkheads, as well as the mechanics and automation that controls them. Our company employs certified welders and we have equipment to measure the weld, both above and below water.

Restoration of dam walls!

Excavation and erosion can be the worst enemy of any water structure. We at the Black Sea Diving Center offer alternatives to provide a longer-lasting solution to undermining, landslides and other land degradation. Whether the problem is above or below the water, we can provide the key solutions to the problem