Ports & Ships Services

Black Sea Diving Center Ltd. specializes in hydraulic and water port facilities reconstruction and repair works. An integral part of the group activity is underwater technical works.
The major purpose of our group is to arrange optimal conditions for the efficient and uninterrupted use of hydraulic and water port structures, to insure their longevity.

Some of the activities we offer are:

  • Underwater inspections and certification of vessels
  • Repair of the underwater part of vessels
  • Machine cleaning of the underwater part of vessels
  • Machine cleaning and polishing of the rudder propeller of vessels
  • Bandage of deadwood so as to replace pad assemblies
  • Release vessels' screws off ropes
  • Blocking and deblocking of Kingston drains and shafts.
  • Sealing of leakages.
  • Protector replacement.
  • Underwater vessel hull cutting and welding
  • Underwater and superficial measurements
  • Cleaning of facilities
  • Taking measurements
  • Emergency and rescue operations
  • Building protective facilities
  • Building embankments
  • Restoration of destroyed joints and concrete fissures
  • Repair and maintenance of docks and piers
For more information, contact US оr visit us at the specified address.