Black Sea Diving Center Ltd. is providing underwater assistance to Offshore Oil & Gas Industry and Inshore Civil Engineering. We are capable of undertaking a wide range of ROV services. Our vehicles can operate in any water environment.

Black Sea Diving Center Ltd. has over 8 year's experience providing ROV and intervention services to the Civil Engineering worldwide.

With a growing fleet of the latest technology inspection class ROV systems, Black Sea Diving Center Ltd. offers a unique and economic solution with uncompromised performance and dependability.

Typical ROV operations include:

  • Inspection, survey and digital video and still photos 
  • CP measurements of subsea components
  • Water jetting  
  • Cutting operations
  • Lay support / touch down monitoring / dredging monitoring
  • Marina and dock wall inspection
  • Dam and breakwater visual Inspection
  • Diving and ROV assistance
  • Enviromental Work
  • Fish Farming Survey
  • Subsea Valve and Flange Inspection
  • Debris sweeps and ordnance detection
  • Salvage assistance 
  • On board vessel processing, reporting and charting 
  • Survey Support 
  • Platform and structural inspection
  • Hull inspection
  • Coastal and inshore operations

LBV300S2; Posibilities

LBV ROV's are certified to a working depth of 300 m, fitted with full colour video cameras, magnetic compass, depth censors, auto depth controls and full underwater high intensity lighting. LBV offers the LYYN video enhancer to help correct color real time creating an improved image for the operator.
In addition to letting you watch real time video we can record high quality digital footage of any dive for your records. We are also fully equipped to work autonomously in the field with our own eco friendly power generation.

The system includes 300 m optical cable. Through its powerful engine system developed the system is capable to bring up speed to 4 knots and can carry the weight of 30 kg.  LBV is equipped with two cameras, one color at a resolution of 570 lines, 3.6 mm. lens. The camera is mounted so that the chassis and rotates 180 °. The second camera is black and white with a greater sensitivity for turbid waters, 430 lines, 3.6 mm. lens frame and also can be rotated 180 °. The system is controlled by multi-way joystick.

Possible fine-tune the speed of the four engines in grades 1-10 (0-100%). Management to focus the camera, setting light to grades 1-10. Automatically set the depth and direction of motion. Controls optional accessories and more.
The system considers the depth and temperature by sensors, direction by compass,  the degree of adjustment of each four engines, automatically setting direction, date, time, angle of the camera and others.

The grabber has a multitude of attachments for varying applications including cutting, limb grasping and fine object retrieval.

LBV can be adapted to work with one handle, seamlessly supporting weight of 30 kg and more, grip strength 6.5 kgf. The system can operate to -15 ° and in ice water.

Additional options and tools:

  • Additional engines for more power and greater lifting capacity.
  • Laser scaling system objects in water size estimation is possible.One of the challenges of operating a ROV is the lack of depth perception. With only a single camera the operator is limited in ability to accurately estimate distance and size. Just as when you cover one eye with your hand and try to guess size and distance.
  • BlueView Sonars a high resolution imaging sonar. Low cost to wide angle to ultra high frequency, meeting all mission requirements.
  • The Tritech Gemini 720i multi-beam imaging sonar produces a crisp, clear wide angle image. LBV  provide a stable platform for the best sensor data capture.
  • Tritech Micron scanning sonar can be fitted to provide 360º sonar coverage at ranges up to 75 meters (252ft).
  • Tritech International Micron Nav USBL tracking system is highly accurate yet simplistic approach to underwater positioning.Probably the most challenging part of operating a ROV is keeping track of your location. The solution is to fit a tracking system (underwater GPS so to speak).
  • Cygnus Thickness Gauge – The LBV series of ROVs can easily be fitted with the Cygnus Instruments
  • Mini ROV Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauge. This is a highly useful tool for measuring metal thickness and performing a variety of safety checks on different underwater structures.
  • Altimer/Echo Sounder - The LBV can be fitted with the Tritech Micron Echo sounder which provides a constant display of distance from the sea floor. Particularly useful when conducting transect surveys that require a constant height above the sea floor. The Micron Echo sounder can be used standalone or daisy chained with other Micron sensors.