"Black Sea Diving Center" Ltd. has built a reputation for a flawless company in underwater activities. Due to the excellent quality of work and the short execution times, we are one of the leading companies of the balkans conducting underwater activities.

The divers of the "Black Sea Water Center" Ltd. have been demonstrating several times in the field of underwater cutting, welding, resin and cement injection and many other services.

Customer Satisfaction.
The support from local and international Employers as well as from Business Partners, coupled with continued offering and quality service, has made us a leader in this field. Our clients are satisfied with our execution of underwater projects, working fast, qualitatively and at extremely low prices, with which our company retains top positions in the industry.

"Black Sea Diving Center" Ltd. has always worked so as to maintain its top positions in the field of underwater construction and repair. We present solutions and opportunities for implementing the most complex projects with the help of our management, engineering and technical staff, who always work together for a better quality service delivery.

Our customers have always said that one of the reasons why they use and continue to use the services provided by Black Sea Diving Center Ltd is the fact that when, for example, we inspect a construction and find fault or defect, we are able to solve much of Any problems that may have arisen as early as we are on the site itself. Many other diving companies, especially those specializing in underwater inspections and inspections, are not specialized in repair and maintenance. This means you have to hire one company for inspection and inspection and another for carrying out repairs. "Black Sea Diving Center" Ltd