Underwater technical activity

Based on the results obtained and the needs of our customers, we will advise you on an optimal repair methodology that will be followed by providing the necessary maintenance and repair services that are often part of the RTD work scope. We deliver maintenance plans that are in compliance with the approved classification organization, and as a result of the implementation of the project will have minimal impact on your production.

Some of the underwater activities we do are:
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of hydro-technical facilities, installation and dismantling works under water
  • Repair and rehabilitation works of sewage treatment plants
  • Channel and tunnel partitioning
  • РRepair of joints and cracks on concrete, reinforced concrete floors under and over water, repair of concrete surfaces under water by applying submerged screeds
  • Diving works for application of anti-corrosion coatings
  • Laying and strengthening cables under water
  • Emergency repairs under operating conditions
  • Injection work under water
  • Cutting and drilling of concrete, reinforced concrete with hydraulic machines
  • Drilling and grinding with pneumatic and hydraulic equipment
  • Underwater welding
  • Documenting and drafting executives
  • Video and photo capture under water
  • Surveys of hard-to-reach places

"Black Sea Diving Center" Ltd applies an integrated implementation approach that allows us to handle the management, supply, design and engineering of the projects. We take care of everything and reduce that load on the client. The end result: a safe and effective service you can trust.