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About Us

21 long years of excellence in working with the best quality!


It was registered in 2001. in Bulgaria. The company was founded by two professional divers, each of whom has more than twenty years of experience in underwater operations.The company has always strived to impose European quality in underwater and technical activities. Our goal has always been to impose an image, guided by the phrase:

“We always meet your expectations and even give a little more than what you expect from us.”

Our services

We are the leaders in the hydrotechnical industry and work with the most reliable and modern equipment for each specific activity.

Black Sea Diving Center has divers qualified and motivated to perform a wide range of underwater services, with the latest specialized equipment for diving…

Hydraulic structures are constantly exposed to various weather conditions and processes, therefore they need adequate maintenance and repair…

We are a specialized company in providing quality services with ROV (remotely controlled robots) with tools for inspections…

The only place where you will get the perfect solution for all underwater technical and hydrotechnical needs

Industries we serve!

Цанков Камък

HPP, Dams and Facilities

We specialize in repairs, reconstruction and maintenance of dams of all sizes. We work on every part of the dam, both above and underwater.

чвц оод - пристанище

Port and coastal infrastructure

Since the very beginning of our company, we have been engaged and serviced under and over water marine facilities (piers, bridges, ports, docks, piers, coastal fortification and protective structures, etc.)

oil/gas industry

Gas and oil industry

We are fully equipped for professional offshore diving operations. We possess high-tech underwater equipment, fully certified to effectively deal in a limited space, while complying with all local and international regulations.


BSDC ltd

has built a reputation as an impeccable company in underwater activities. Due to the excellent quality of work and short deadlines, we are one of the leading companies in the Balkans performing underwater activities.

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