ROV Services

Remotely operated vehicle

350 m maximum distance, from 350 mm-diameter pipes, remotely controlled vehicle up to 300 m deep. BSDC Ltd. can finish the job quickly and effectively, whether it's an inspection or a recovery.

The best way to conduct an investigation using a ROV is to inspect confined spaces, inside pipes, and to conduct deep water searches because tasks can be completed more safely and with less expense.

This remotely operated underwater vehicle is specifically made for measurements and inspections inside pipes 350 mm and larger, at a distance of up to 350 meters.

Two interchangeable ROV systems are available at the Black Sea Diving Center.

Up to

0 m


0 m

Pipes from

0 mm

The ROV is remotely controlled from a control station with a computer screen. It is equipped with high-tech equipment:

  • Tritech DST Micron Sonar with Side Scan
  • Color video camera
  • Low-light black and white video camera
  • Robotic arm
  • GPS positioning system
  • Thermometer and depth gauge
  • Locating exhausts and shipwrecks
  • Finding anchors and various objects
  • Inspections of underwater hydrotechnical facilities
  • Pipe inspections
  • Main exhausts
  • Drinking water tanks
  • Walls of dam and hydropower plant
  • Bridges, piers, submerged tunnels
  • Port installations
  • Pipelines and water supply networks
  • Technical plans and reports
  • Positioning of objects and constructions
  • Marine surveys
  • Bathymetry
  • Water currents

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