Dam operator

Operator of dams and related infrastructure

Small and large dams, as well as associated facilities, will be operated and inspected properly by our specialists.

A hydrospecialist is responsible for operating a dam and any nearby technical facilities in accordance with the Water Act (engineer Hydraulic Construction.)
The term “dam operator” refers to a company with hydrospecialists.

For Bulgaria, “Dam Operator” is a relatively recent service.
The spillway, main outlet, and other facilities that are close to the dam wall are managed, maintained, and operated by the dam operator.

Operator of Dam's activities include:


  • Measurement execution using the control and measurement system (CIS).
  • Data processing from the dam’s control and measuring system (CIS).
  • The operator of the dam also prepares each individual assessment of the technical state of the dam and its infrastructure.
  • The creation and updating of a plan for the technical management of the dam and the facilities nearby.
  • Emergency action plans are created and updated.
  • SAMTS information system data input.
  • The creation of recurring reports on the state of the dam wall and its infrastructure


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