Repairs and maintenance of ports, vessels and dams

Repairs and maintenance of ports and maritime vessels!

ТУВ Норд
  • Underwater and surface measurements
  • Cleaning of facilities
  • Capture of measures
  • Emergency rescue activities
  • Construction of protective facilities
  • Construction of coastal fortification facilities
  • Restoration of destroyed joints and cracked concrete
  • Maintenance and repair of docks and piers
  • Underwater certification and repair of underwater part of vessels.
  • Underwater measurement of thicknesses up to 250mm. with an ultrasonic caliper.
  • Machine cleaning underwater part of ships from fouling.
  • Machine cleaning of screw-steering groups.
  • Machine polishing comb screw.
  • Bandaging of daybugs to replace pads.
  • Release of rowing screws from ropes
  • Cleaning of kingstone chest, dismantling and installation of grilles.
  • Cleaning of kingston shafts.
  • Clogging and unclogging of kingstone chest and shafts.
  • Clogging holes.Replacement of protectors under water.
  • Underwater cutting and welding.

Reconstruction, repairs and maintenance of dams!

We at Black Sea Diving Center Ltd. are experts in performing maintenance, reconstruction, and repairs on dams of all sizes.
We work on the entire dam, both above and below the surface.
Our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to work in a range of environments, such as tight spaces, elevated workstations, underwater construction, etc.
While most businesses treat work on dams as a side project, for us it is a top priority, requiring specialized teams, specialized equipment, and a strong safety program.

  • Underwater and surface measurements
  • Cleaning of facilities
  • Construction of protective facilities
  • Documentation and compilation of executions
  • Viewings of hard-to-reach places
  • Video and photo shooting underwater

We can repair or rehabilitate any mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical component to control water flows, regardless of size or design, utilizing creative and economical methods, from big roller shutters to little table shutters.

Offering a comprehensive range of repair services in the concrete industry, we construct new structures or replace old ones.
Both above and below the surface, our teams are skilled at casting concrete.

We are a company with expertise in various crucial sections of dam facilities, requiring accuracy in installation.
This covers the mechanics and automation that control structural steel elements including pressure piping, safety bars, and partitions as well as those steel components themselves.

Any water structure can suffer greatly from landslides and erosion.
In order to prevent undermining, landslides, and other degradations of land embankments, we suggest alternate solutions.
We can offer the essential remedies for the issue, whether it is on land or in the water.

Need help with easier solutions? We are experts!

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