Diving Services

We are a leading company of diving services for air diving or gas mixtures in the oil industry, port infrastructure and dams and hydropower plants.

We have the expertise to handle any kind of underwater project, regardless of its size or the water’s characteristics (ice, strong currents, depth, polluted water, etc.).

Our engineers, technicians, and divers have created cutting-edge technologies and creative repair processes that save our customers a ton of money.

We took part in the development of substantial worksites with great pride.

We possess the skills and credentials required to take on the entire project or to collaborate with general and specialized contractors as subcontractors.


Черноморски Водолазен Център Лого

We engage in a variety of underwater activities, including:

  • Port and maritime infrastructure
  • Dams and hydropower plants
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Walls of dam and hydropower plant
  • Bridges, piers, submerged tunnels
  • Port installations
  • Pipelines and water supply networks
  • Gas is oil rigs
  • Documentation and compilation of executions
  • Video and photo shooting underwater
  • Viewings of hard-to-reach places
  • Repair and rehabilitation works of cleaning stations
  • Partitioning of canals and tunnels

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Черноморски Водолазен Център Лого

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